Age-appropriate, brain-boosting, skill-building toys that will
Promote Learning Through Play
What to look for when choosing toys at this age
for babies Birth - 3 Months

Even though your newborn may not appear to be interested in or motivated by toys at this time, age appropriate toys can provide a great deal of stimulation for her. Newborn babies have random, uncontrolled arm and leg movements and aren’t yet physically coordinate reaching toward and grasping toys. However, parents can use these movements as learning opportunities for newborns with appropriate toys. Age appropriate toys for the Birth-3 month range focus on stimulating your baby’s senses of vision, touch and hearing. Objects/toys that are of high contrast colors (i.e. black, white, red) as well as toys that move slowly are easier for your baby to notice and to focus on visually. You can strategically place toys that make rattle or crinkle noises when moved or touched in the range of your baby’s arm/leg movements so that when she incidentally moves or touches the toy, there is tactile and auditory feedback for your baby. This will help motivate her to eventually attempt to purposefully activate the sound or to touch and explore the toy.